Predictive Inclusion Technology Offers 24/7 ADA Compliance.

Get easy, affordable compliance now to Avoid Fines & Lawsuits while including an entirely new segment of prospects.

Inclusion means, you let everyone who wants to buy from you access to your site!

Your business is not exempt and is at risk of fines up to 150k.

With affordable and simple to implement Predictive Inclusion Technology from Prediction Marketing there's no reason not to protect your website and offer WCAG 2.1 & ADA Compliant Technology your customers need to use your site.


Crafted for Local Business & websites under 1000 pages



$79 First Month Payment includes Setup

Up to 1,000 Pages

Accessibility Statement & Certification

Compliant with WCAG, ADA, EAA & More

Screen-Reader & Keyboard Navigation Adjustments

Interface powered UI & Design adjustments

Monthly accessibility compliance audits

Automatic daily monitoring and scans

Automatic seamless cloud updates

Email Support

Mid Size

Crafted for Mid Size Websites



$139 First Month Payment includes Setup

Up to 10,000 Pages

Everything in Starter

Priority Email Support


Crafted for BIG Sites up to 100,000 Pages



$249 First Month Payment includes Setup

Up to 100,000 Pages

Everything in Mid Size

Phone Support


Crafted for Enterprise & Massive Sites up to 1 Million Pages



$389 First Month Payment includes Setup

Up to 1,000,000 Pages

Everything in Pro

24/7 Support


Of 1000+ Businesses using our Technology

Small to Enterprise...if you're online, we can protect you.

Join the 1000's of businesses who trust Predictive Inclusion Technology

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web accessibility lawsuits skyrocketing
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The ONLY Automatic, Guaranteed Minimum 96%* Compliant Solution.

Predictive Inclusion Technology by Prediction Marketing makes any website** accessible and compliant with WCAG, ADA and other worldwide legislation, helping businesses avoid fines and lawsuits. Always ensuring compliance 24/7 and a Certificate validating compliance available on demand for anyone to view updates, compliance status and ADA Compliant ability to report issues.

Starting at $47/month

100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You or Sell Your Information!

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*In reality...there is no such thing as 100% Compliance. Accessibility is a moving target that must be continuously updated. Websites are constantly changing, updating and maintaining compliance is an ongoing 24/7 job. Please note our service provides a MINIMUM OF 96% compliance guarantee while others offer "up to" 95%. Don't be fooled by marketing tactics intended to fool your mind into believing something that is not in fact reality.


**Remediation of PDFs, documents, and multimedia (video/audio subtitles) is a manual process, priced separately, as the aforementioned are not a part of your code base.


If your website has an element that is very unique and does not exist almost anywhere else, such as a quiz, game, ticketing section, map builder feature or any other rare component, we may not be able to fix it automatically, because AI and machine learning technologies depend on a high amount of encounters and data in order to be accurate.

In such cases we have manual solutions for ANY site. No site is too big or too complicated. If you think you need manual remediation, we recommend you purchase the appropriate package above to get your protection started and reach out to us for a consult on manual solutions.




Manual audit and remediation process performed by our accessibility experts. In order to reach full compliance, our accessibility experts and QA team (comprised of people with disabilities) review your website and perform a manual audit with the reader software. We then remediate all the issues found.






predictive inclusion is about being accessible to all who want to do business with you